35 weeks pregnant | Everything about the 35 week of your pregnancy

Here you can get all the information of the 35th week of the pregnancy period.

35 weeks pregnant

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35 weeks pregnant!

Here you can get all the information of the 35th week of the pregnancy period.

Developments from your baby, yourself, photo’s, advices and much more!


35 weeks pregnant - development baby 2 35 weeks pregnant

Weight baby: approx. 2500 gram / 5.5 lbs
Length: 43.5cm / 17.2″

About your baby

Devekopments of your baby at 35 weeks pregnant

In this week starts the production of glycogen in the the heart, the kidneys, the liver and the muscles.
Glycogen is a kind of glucose from where your baby gets its energy from. The storage of glycogen needs to be considerably because during the delivery there is a period in which there is hardly any liquid to the tissues.

Development of the immune system
Around this weeks the development of the immune system starts. In these weeks your baby will receive different kinds of antibodies from you (the mother) to protect itself from bacteria, virusses and other diseases.

The development of the brains are going very fast during these weeks. In week 35 the size of the brains of your baby are now 66,6% from a 39 weeks old baby. So you can imagine that the brains will continue to grow very fast these comming weeks.

Subcutaneous fat
The development of subcutaneous fat is continueing as well. Your baby will get a bit chubbier because of this subcutaneous fat. Especially the shoulders and upper arms are chubby already in this week. Also the color of the skin of your baby is already bink by being 35 weeks pregnant.

In week 35 the chance of survival is almost as good as a full-term baby. But your baby is still a few weeks early and has to stay one or two weeks in a incubator. The lungs of your baby a still to small to breath on their own. Also you baby can’t drinnk mothermilk yet because of the lack of the sucking reflex.
Here is a table that will explain the chance of survival on premature birth:

Pregnancy in week Chance of Survival
week 23 17%
week 24 39%
week 25 50%
week 26 80%
week 27 90%
weeks 28 to 31 90-95%
weeks 32 to 34 95%
35+ weeks Almost as likely as a full-term baby
35 weeks pregnant - development baby 1 35 weeks pregnant

About you

Varicose Veins
Many pregnant women have to deal with varicose veins. You can recognize these as winding blue-purple veins and they appear most of the time on the legs.
These varicose veins come together with a painful feeling at the legs. This is a signal that your body tries to tell you that your legs are
too heavily loaded by your body. This makes sence during pregnancy because your body is now heavier than normal. This is why varicose veins appear during pregnancy.
Varicose veins are not dangerous or will not damage your legs, but they can, however, disfigure your legs.
The best way to prevent varicose veins is to keep the flood of blood through your legs going. These advices will help you:

  • Try not to stand or sit for a long while in the same position
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Try to limit with the sitting position with your legs crossed.
  • Try to move around from time to time, make short walks in or around the house.
  • When you sit, put your feet up to keep a good flow of blood of your legs.
  • After showering, remember to rins your knee with cold water to promotes the flow of blood.
  • Ask your partner to massage your legs from time to time.

Most of the varicose veins will dissapear after being pregnant. But not always. You can have your legs treated for this. There are several ways to remove varicose veins from your legs. This clinic will explain you what the possibilities are. But remember: if you want to get pregnant again, wait with the treatment until the birth of your last baby you wish to have. Otherwise it would be a waste of time and money because the varicose veins may come back when you get pregnant again.

Being tired quickly
Some people say that being pregnant is the same hard working and sports every day. Being 35 weeks pregnant you will probebly agree with this. During this time, when you are reaching the end of your pregnancy period everything seems difficult. Your continueng growing belly is always in the way and the extra weight causes also problems for your back to carry it wherever you go. This makes you being tired very quickly. Give in to it and rest when your body asks for it.
Some advices for you:

  • Take in the afternoon a rest on the couch and take a (quick) nap if you feel like it.
  • Go to bed on time every day.
  • Take a relaxing warm bath with pregnancy body oil.
  • Always ask your partner to lift or carry heavy objects.